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EIZO Prominence CG3145

EIZO Prominence CG3145

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The new ColorEdge Prominence CG3145 31 inch 4K HDR monitor by EIZO is a professional reference monitor for post-production workflow needs that also has HDR video requirements built into it. Unlike many 4K monitors, the Prominence CG3145 is not a 4K ultra HD model but instead offers full DCI 4K resolution at 4096 x 2160 pixels.

HDR technology is incredible, but in the past it has come across significant drawbacks. With CG3145 reference monitor, this is no longer the case. By supporting HLG and PQ gamma curves, the monitor is able to approximate the human perception of color and light, giving you a more realistic image than ever before.

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5-Year Warranty

A manufacturer's 5-year warranty covers all components including the LCD panel. EIZO can guarantee the long service life because it manufactures its products at its own factories, ensuring close control over production quality.

Usage time is limited to 30,000 hours (10,000 hours for the LCD panel).

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