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Wacom Classic Pen
Cintiq 13HD

Wacom Classic Pen

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Wacom Classic Pen w/ Stand and Extra Nibs

For use with your Intuos4 and Intuos5 tablets, the Intuos4 Classic Pen from Wacom is the stylish alternative to their Intuos4 Grip Pen. This pen is battery-free, cordless, and shares all of the same great all-purpose features as the Intuos4 Grip Pen but, instead, has a slim, classic design that does not utilize a rubberized grip. As with the Intuos4 Grip Pen, a number of different features make this pen well-suited to drawing, erasing, and mouse operations. Two customizable buttons allow you to set right-click, left-click, double-click, as well as drag-and-drop functions to your liking. In addition, the pen is both tilt and pressure sensitive, so that you can capture very light or heavy pen strokes, as if naturally writing or drawing. You have the option to adjust these sensitivities as well. At the pen's lightest pressure sensitivity, it responds to as little as one gram of pressure and can register up to 2048 different levels of pressure.

Using the pen in a supported paint or photo program, these sensitivities come in handy for adjusting line weight, brush size, image opacity, or exposure. As a nice, added touch, an eraser crowns the top of the pen, so that you can digitally erase your work as you go along. In terms of accessories, included are two standard nibs, one stroke nib, one felt nib, and one flex nib. Also included is a pen stand that can hold the pen, some spare nibs, and the extractor (not included). This pen is only compatible with Wacom's Intuos4 generation tablets.

Sleek, classic shape and optimum weighting of the pen ensure a sharp look and a slim, free-flowing feel while you work
Well-suited to drawing, erasing, and mouse operations with your Intuos4 tablet
Pressure and tilt sensitivities provide you with the flexibility to adjust line weight, brush size, image opacity as well as image exposure (in a supported paint or photo program)
An eraser crowns the top of the pen so that you can digitally erase your work as you go along
Extra nibs, such as a stroke nib, flex nib, and felt nib are included for a different feel and effect while writing or drawing
Weighted stand is a convenient way to keep your pen, extra nibs, and nib extractor (not included) handily organized

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